About Us


About Us

We are a small family oriented centre catering for a maximum of 30 children in the heart of Stanmore Bay.

Our centre has been fully renovated as a dedicated Montessori school and is in a quiet residential area with lovely views and a safe, fun outdoor area with tons of room to grow.

We are fully equipped with scientifically developed Montessori equipment that helps the child to learn easily through experience as they progress through the curriculum.

Our qualified teachers guide the child through their learning and development as they explore the environment. The specialized equipment gives the child the opportunity to ‘self correct’ and develop their own confidence.

Cultural identity is an extremely important part of the development of the child and we acknowledge and respect all cultures and religious beliefs. From knowledge comes tolerance, from tolerance comes understanding.

In conjunction with Montessori philosophies we also embrace the Early Childhood Curriculum Document, Te Whariki.

To read our latest ERO report click here (external link).