Why Montessori


Why Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that no human being is educated by another person. They must do it themselves or it will never be done. A truly educated individual continues learning long after the hours and years they spend in the classroom because they are motivated from within by a natural curiosity and love for knowledge. In following with this the goal of early education at Montessori Beginnings is not to fill the child with facts from a pre-selected course of studies, but rather to cultivate the child’s natural desire to learn.

At Montessori Beginnings this objective is approached in two ways:
1. By allowing the child to experience the excitement of learning by their own choice rather than by being forced.

2. By helping the child to perfect all his/her natural tools for learning, so that their ability will be at maximum in future learning situations.

In The Absorbent Mind, Dr. Montessori wrote, “The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when mans intelligence itself, his greatest implement is being formed. But not only his intelligence; the full totality of his psychic powers…At no other age has a child greater need of intelligent help, and any obstacle that impedes his creative work will lessen the chance he has of achieving perfection”