Katie Gibbs

Hi I am Katie. I am the owner and Head teacher of Montessori Beginnings. I am a qualified early childhood teacher and primary school teacher who has worked both in New Zealand and the UK and have been involved in education for over 25 years.

Born in Taranaki, I am one of 7 children and so value the importance of being independent and resilient; dispositions I feel all children need as they progress through life. I have travelled extensively and have a wealth of experience teaching in a range of schools. I began my journey at Montessori Beginnings when I took over the preschool in April 2014. In that time a lot of work has been done to develop a centre I would want to send my child to. My husband, Paddy and 7 year old daughter are part of an amazing team here at Montessori Beginnings.

Anita Bell

Kia ora. My name is Anita. I began my journey at Montessori Beginnings in 2014, after completing my Diploma of Teaching ECE in July.

I am married to Mike, and together we have seven wonderful children.

I have been involved in a variety of early childhood education roles during my children’s early years including home based care, Playcentre, Child Care and Kindergarten, before taking on a professional role in a Montessori Preschool in 2007.

I believe every child is unique and deserves the best quality care, nurture and education. I appreciate every day that I work alongside children, helping them develop into lifelong learners.

I look forward to working together with you and your child during their learning journey at Montessori Beginnings.

Leslie Green

Hi, I am Leslie and am loving working with the wonderful teachers, children and families at Montessori Beginnings.

I am married and have 2 teenage daughters. I graduated from AUT with a Bachelor of Education in 2009, and have since worked on the Hibiscus Coast at various centers.

I am passionate about music, dance, inclusive education and building nurturing, caring relationships with both children and families.