Why Montessori Beginnings?


The children at our centre are supported to become

life long learners

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"I did it all by myself!"

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"I know how to take care of myself and others"

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“I can do this!”

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“I want to learn more!”

The Montessori Philosophy

is a truly holistic learning method, nurturing and empowering children in all areas of their wellbeing. Our teachers support each unique child as they develop their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical learning.

Montessori education combines clear boundaries and expectations with warmth, connection, and freedom to explore.

Investigating, experimenting, and getting lost in uninterrupted periods of play are encouraged. These unhurried, child-led blocks of play are incredibly valuable as they develop a child’s ability to concentrate, focus, and work independently.

We provide many opportunities for choices for the tamariki in our centre, allowing children to follow their learning instincts and discover more regarding the things they are naturally curious about.

Children aged 2 to 6 play and learn together, providing opportunities for tuakana-teina (older sibling-younger sibling) relationships to grow as children encourage, lead, and work with each other.

Over many years we have found these methods to be exceptionally effective in developing self-esteem, self-belief, focus, and engagement.

A cornerstone of the Montessori philosophy is respect – for oneself, for others, and for the environment. Each child is respected and valued as the individual they are, and as they grow in this self-respect, we see them become engaged, competent, and confident.

At Montessori Beginnings we weave together these traditional, time-honoured Montessori methods with the principles and strands of New Zealand’s national early childhood curriculum, Te Whariki.

Family and whānau are an important and valued part of our centre, and we welcome family involvement in each child’s education.

We recognize and embrace the bicultural nature of Aotearoa New Zealand and aim to provide children with an understanding and respect for our rich heritage and history.

Our fun filled education days

Things we do to learn



Our outdoors is quite unique. We have a space that supports a child’s physical development and curiosity of the world around them.


Friendship is important to a child. Because of our boutique size our children are able to develop strong relationships often resulting in forever friends.


Wellbeing could be described as how you feel about yourself and your life. Our children are supported in an environment the cares.


Independence allows a child to develop qualities like patience, concentration, self-help, cooperation, self-discipline to name a few. Independence allows a child to take control.


Music comes in so many forms. The chance to dance, to sing or just play an instrument with friends. We have the space to do it.


Art is a way to build self-esteem and self-expression. It allows children to interact with the world around them.